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*Before I get to the meme, I just have to say it was entertaining to read all the funny comments about K's toes in the ATWT post! I didn't realize how many people have a little foot fetish! ;)

*Oh and McMommy and Sue already know about this but....Have you ever tried to swallow a perscription med and choke on it...then it dissolves into a sludge in your hand when you cough it out...then you think DAMN I need that med to work for me so you slurp it up and it's the most BITTER GOD AWFUL thing you've ingested ever...then you find anything and everything to wash it down before you lose your breakfast?!


Me either.

Alrighty then.

Nabbed this from Jenny, try it, you may like it!!

I am...
my own worst enemy.
I think...and rethink everything.
I know...
I can do anything I put my mind and energy to.
I want... to feel even-keel.
I have... the best family.
I wish... for my children to have a long, healthy and happy life.
I hate...
I miss... my body from 1992.
I fear...
my Hubby having a Crohn's flare.
I feel... uncomfortable right now.
I hear... Paul Simon on my playlist.
I smell... my coffee.
I search... for the middle of the road.
I wonder... what will happen to Jim and Pam on the Office.
I regret... not always taking in the moment.
I love... french bread and butter.
I care...
about my hungry cat.
I always... procrastinate.
I am not...
a dog or football person.
I believe... life's what you make it, so let's make it right.
I dance... in private.
I sing...
I don't always...
I write... what I feel.
I win... for "most eclectic music taste"
I lose... weight in my dreams.
I never... will bungee jump.
I listen... to HEAR and understand.
I can usually be found... on the computer.
I'm scared of... so many things.
I read...
over 150 blogs.
I forget...things on my grocery list consistently.
I just...choked trying to take my medicine and the taste of the bitterness is making me gag. CRAP!
I am happy about... finishing this meme.

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  1. flickrlovr said...

    I'm gonna steal this and try to finish it tonight...okay, now it's tomorrow morning, but...


    I should go to bed earlier.

  2. Kristen Andrews said...

    ok don't laugh but if pills come in chewable then I request them, I have a gag problem w/ taking pills. If they are small I can handle it but if they are large forget it.

  3. Dawn said...

    I enjoyed your answers to these simple but yet statements.. I had to nab this from you and roll with it today. You always post things that are inspiring. Always a good read!!

  4. Tenakim said...

    Have done the pill thing a million times! Love memes- maybe I will attempt- thanks for your words of encouragement!

  5. Anonymous said...

    I stole this from you!!!!

  6. Sue Wilkey said...

    Some us just need a nice cherry liquid or a chewable. :)

  7. Tasina said...

    "my body from 1992" *sigh*

    Great - make me all bummed out first thing in the morning ;) I better go do some 1,534,323!

  8. Rachel said...

    Yeah -- been there, done that -- hated it. Gagging on bitter medicine sludge = worst thing ever.

  9. Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

    I like this list and share a lot of the same as you. I will have to do this on my blog!

  10. Anonymous said...

    Loved that! Your answers were great! Know something funny?? I just realized that you don't have a large gap between your two front teeth! You see, everytime your blog came up, your picture on the sidebar had this little black spot exactly between your two toofies, and non-judgmental gal that I am, I thought it was quirky and cute. It was only this morning that I realized I had a smudge on my screen in that spot. Hee! Yes, I still think you are beautiful, but not as purty as you were with that gap!! ;-)

  11. Anonymous said...

    I took a painkiller for cramps once after eating breakfast and it dissovled and left a bitter trail down my throat. I immediately barfed up my waffles.

  12. Brittany said...

    There is no way I could have gotten through all those! You are a meme powerhouse!

  13. Jamey said...

    Too funny, I loved it. I want to nab it for next week, I just posed a meme right before I read yours!

  14. Messy Mommy said...

    Just had the pill problem with Otter last week. Poor kid. I made him lick it all up out of his hand. MEAN MOMMY!

  15. Mrs4444 said...

    Why do you feel uncomfortable right now? Is it the med thing? I hate when I forget to take a med until late at night, when I don't want to eat but have to get the pill down, so I just try water, but my throat is dry, so the damned thing gets stuck and I have to eat something to get it down. Grrrr!

  16. Suzanne...Scully... said...

    I am...
going to Santa Cruz for meds...YAY!
    I think...I've gone insane!
    I know...
I never want to throw another baby shower again!!
    I want... lots of Vegas Money!!
    I have... groceries being delivered, YAY!
    I wish... Xander was still little!!
    I hate...
Scott's soon to be former boss :D
    I miss... my Twenties!! Even though I'm 29
    I fear...
    I feel... hungry
    I hear... Xander's Computer running
    I smell... Coconut Lime Verbena
    I search... for Guidance.
    I wonder... if House and The Office are going to meet my expectations this season.
    I regret... nothing
    I love... Cupcakes
    I care...
about my dad's health
    I always... procrastinate.
    I am not...
a dog or football person.
    I believe... The Truth is Out There
    I dance... naked around the house, lol
    I sing...
all the time
    I don't always...
tell the truth
    I write... about everything
    I win... when I'm in Vegas
    I lose... my keys and my bra everyday!!
    I never... want my parents to die, NEVER, they should be immortals!
    I listen... to a lot of music
    I can usually be found... Online
    I'm scared of... Cancer, Death, Love
    I read...
Too Much Fan Fiction
    I forget... everything
    I just... got my groceries delivered and they forgot all the cheese and eggs
    I am happy about... Scott's New Job!!

  17. Susiewearsthepants said...

    I feel ya, I can barely brush my teeth without gagging. I ALWAYS gag when I brush my tongue.

  18. Ali said...

    I had to request chewable pre-natal vitamins because I kept gagging on those horse pills my dr. had first given me. Those things were huge!

  19. Leah said...

    I am totally stealing that meme and putting in on my blog!

  20. Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

    Love the meme.

    Will save for a rainy (aka blogless idea) day.

    Been there with the med sludge. I feel your pain.

    And you definitely win for eclectic music list - I love your playlist (even though the sound on my computer is usually set to off, I always go see what you've got on there!.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better.

  21. Wendi said...

    Love the meme...I may be "lifting" it later!
    Loved learning more about you.
    Great answers.

  22. Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

    i HAVE INDEED done that with medicine. it sucks, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

    and i'm doing this meme, it's cute and i don't usually find ones that i think are actually worth doing :)

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