Acrostic Saturday

Tell Me, Acrostically....what your plans are for the weekend. Use the word, THERAPY.

An example is my weekend...

T--Touching base with Southwest Airlines about my upcoming flight

H--Hearing my kids argue about something or another

E--Eating lots of carbs

R--Reading one page of the paper before getting disinterested

A--Adapting to the weather change

P--Paying money to buy cool weather clothes

Y--Yearning for my upcoming trip

I promise next time I do this, the words will be shorter.

Your turn.

That's all.
(I just watched The Devil Wears Prada and I LOVE this saying! ;))

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  1. Deb said...

    Well, I would first like to say that I did kick off the weekend with a visit to my therapist. That being said, I still want to play.

    T - Thinking I should clean

    H- Have to do stat homework :(

    E- Extra sleep? Maybe?

    R - Riesling wine

    A- Adapt to having my finger in a huge bandage

    P- Pray for the people in Texas

    Y- Yawn. So tired.

  2. Laura said...

    O--Oprah and her weight fluctuation
    R--Running which hurts my knees
    R--Really want some M&M's
    Y--Yes, I need to chill out.

  3. Unknown said...

    i love that movie! the book is even better!!!

    my weekend:
    T-take my son to my dad's house
    H-head out to my cousin in law's wedding
    E-eat some great food!
    R-race around the house to clean
    A-argue with my husband (it's inevitable)
    P-pay my sister in law
    Y-yes, i will be blogging!

  4. Unknown said...

    btw, you rock! and you got an award for it! come see!

  5. Tracey said...

    Wash some clothes and bed linens

    Enjoy a good book

    Employ me husband to load the new camera software

    Know any good cookie recipes?

    Evening walks

    Never ending paperwork

    Dinner with friends

  6. Anonymous said...

    First of all can I admit I did not know what acrostically meant?


    Thanks for showing me!

    T-tell the boys to take the trash out

    H-Hug the boys.

    E-Eat cheesecake!

    R-Read YOUR blog

    A-Ailing joints, I have. (A tribute to Yoda)

    P-in the toilet!

    Y-Yakety yak with friends.

    Thanks Jen, I needed this.

    I love your blog!

  7. Jenni said...

    T- Taking a long, hot shower!
    H- Have a happy birthday!
    E- Eat cake!
    R- Recline while my boys wait on me!
    A- Accept gifts!
    P- Pray I can stay awake and see Michael Phelps on SNL tonight!
    Y- Yell if anyone wakes me before 9 tomorrow morning!

  8. Ranch Girl said...

    T - Take a walk at Relay for Life.
    H - Have another cup of coffee.
    E - Eat less than I have been.
    R - Read something.
    A - Agonize over my lack of decent clothing.
    P - Play outside with my son.
    Y - Yearn for a better wardrobe.

  9. jill jill bo bill said...

    I love this!!! I am going to use this as my post for my hurricane strategies! I love ya girl!!!! Thanks!!!

  10. amelia bedelia said...

    jill, you didn't follow the rules!!! rule breaker!

    T-talk on the phone to sister about hurricane

    H-hope hurricane doesn't get jill


    R-read blogs

    A-ask kids to clean their rooms


    Y-Yuck Laundry!

  11. The Mom said...

    Treat myself to favorite fruit
    Heat up leftover pizza and have a pizza party
    Email, tweet, and try to grow my new website
    Rest with my kiddos at my side, and shake off the week
    Arrange a babysitter for tomorrow's date with my hubbie
    Play outside with my kids
    Yell "Noooo!!" as my son tries to hang from the kitchen light fixture, no joke!

  12. JenEverAfter said...

    Yeah! CARBS!!!! I'm totally ordering pizza tonight! I'm afraid I can't do your THERAPY list - takes too much brain power. But I DID nominate you on momdot!

  13. Cheryl Lage said...

    Can I just start by saying I am pumping the volume on my laptop in order to Vogue while acrostic-ing?

    Makes no difference if you're black or's my weekend, accompanied by Madge...

    T-Tae Kwon Do -- twice...he-child's regular session and then a "buddy party"

    H-Hoping for a break in the heat

    E- Easing in and out of chairs, back hinkey the past couple of days

    P- Procrastinating the work I need to get done by Monday...

    A- Answering the door to all political canvassers strolling our street today

    P-Pilfering leftover spoonfuls of frosting from the twins' cupcake and brithday cake extravaganza

    Y- Yes. The answer to my daughter who just requested I turn off the music. So long, Vogue.

    Have a great weekend, Jen!

  14. flickrlovr said...

    Woot! A DWP nerd! (Me too, don't worry.)

    T - trying to get things done for school/home
    H - having no fun at all
    E - eating sporadically and unhealthily
    R - realizing that I need to change a lot in my life
    A - act like I'm going nuts (I am)
    P - plan and research my Europe trip
    Y - yell "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" 20,000 times

    Yeah, can you tell, it's been a FABULOUS weekend so far? Ahem. Not.

  15. Tenakim said...

    Think about kids getting to sleep

    Hoping they don't wake up with storms

    Eat ice cream

    Read over achiever blogs that blog on weekends so I never am able to catch up!

    Avoid folding laundry

    Put my fat ass on the couch and watch SNL premiere


  16. Wendi said...

    Thinking about having a salad for dinner.
    Having cravings for chocolate.
    Eating at Chilis's! (yum)
    Realizing I need to exercise.
    Alphabetizing my spices.
    Paying the bills.(ugh)
    Yelling at my kids for the 10,346 time!

  17. Jo-Jo said...

    T~Thinking about how I can possibly come up with the money to pay my house insurance, phone bill and have money left over to survive by Monday.

    H~Helping my sister~n~law write her speech.

    E~Eating home made dinners because I finally have a few moments to cook.

    R~Running into old friends at the Ride for the Red event.

    A~Asking mom for some money for the phone bill (only in my mind~sigh)

    P~Praying to God to relieve some stress.

    Y~Yelling Let's Go Bengals at my god~daughter's game.

  18. Barbara said...

    Super cool, I think my new favorite word is "therapy" now so here goes:

    T - Try not to spend the whole weekend doing more blog writing and reading than actual reading and writing for my classes

    H - Head over to the laundry mat so Miss J. and I will have clean clothes for the week.

    E - Enjoy talking to and getting to know an old friend better.

    R - Rinse my blueberries so that I can eat them.

    A - Ask my grandma one more time if its ok for me to come steal her laptop for the semester.

    P - Play a Gingerbread man game with Miss J. that she made at school.

    Y - Yikes! Its almost Monday AGAIN!

  19. Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

    Wonderful pic of the christmas list. is it that time already?

    T - Taking naps
    H - Having a tea party with Kennedy
    E - Eating Brownies
    R - riting my sister a letter in boot camp. I know it starts with W!
    A - Act like that lizzard we caught didn't die in the jar, but I just let it go.
    P - Pretending to be interested in Hub's rambling about his job.
    Y - Yelling at the kids to get that darn room clean!

  20. Mrs4444 said...

    Love this! Here's what I did.

    Typed up FIVE IEP's (spec ed stuff)

    Had no time left for much else

    Earned part of my next summer off...

    Reminded the kids about events on the calendar this week.

    Attended church.

    Put laundry away.

    Yawned (stayed up til 2am working last night!)

  21. Anonymous said...

    T--Throwing old clothes away

    H--Hair appt.

    E--Entertaining friends

    R--Resting my pretty little head (ok, big head)

    A--Arguing with my kids

    P--Parenting, all the wrong ways

    Y--Yearlings, I hope to observe.

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