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Okay I think I can post about my quirks once a week.

Molly from The Girl in the Middle tagged me. I've done this meme a few times, but because she had just returned from a girl's weekend as I had, she mentioned that she was quirkier than she realized.

Then I thought, all my friends and I talk about this each time we're together. We all have our thing. Whether we see it in ourselves or others see it in us.

So this is my Girl's Weekend Quirks

1. I stop drinking after one night of feeling sick. Mixing beer and vodka doesn't make my stomach happy. Ask the rental downstairs bathroom. Plus the THROBBING headache the next day makes me feel like i'm dying so...I drank water and tea for the next 3 days.

2. If I'm drinking I won't take medication. Just won't. G thought I was weird, but I'd rather not play medicinal roulette.

3. I hate having my picture taken. Ranch Girl loves to take pictures of me to tell a story...the story of me making ugly *uglier* faces then eventually flipping off the camera series of about 5-6 photos, all equally unflattering. She does it intentionally to make me squirm.

4. The ugly cry will always come out on a girl's weekend. This time it was started by hearing, "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Atkins (SUE!!). BUTTERFLY KISSES?! Holy crap! I started bawling. Then a trend was started as we decided to start playing You Tube videos of all the saddest songs we could think of. It was a wet mess.

5. I get cranky when i'm hungry. It was my own fault. I skipped a meal then we headed to the yarn shop and the bead shop to fulfill our crafting needs. After my 10 minutes in each store I was done, while my friends were not. Ask Miss Bloom, I almost ate her!!

6. Finally, I'm real quiet when I'm sad. The last day, and then the morning we all head out, I try to avoid eye contact with everyone. It's hard for me to say goodbye.

So now, I'm tagging Ranch Girl, H, G, and Miss Bloom (mostly for Miss Bloom to start a blog first). What were your quirks this past weekend? ;)

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  1. Rochelle said...

    ROFLMAO!!! Love the shot of the guy checking out your ass! Ha ha - you must have been rockin' those jeans! Love when people get caught.

    And we all have our weird quirks. Mine? Having a big mouth/blabbing too much, trying to be funny and inevitably pissing someone off, drinking way too much way too fast and doing more of the two items above, etc. etc.

    Speaking of drinking, when do we leave tomorrow??? I'll check with the hubs and let you know when I'll be free.

  2. Allison said...

    HA HA that guy was looking at someones nice A*&!!

    I too will not take meds as well while drinking! Just don't like it!

  3. Allison said...

    HA HA that guy was looking at someones nice A*&!!

    I too will not take meds as well while drinking! Just don't like it!

  4. Merrie said...

    Ro's quirks sound like my quirks. *sigh* I inevitably put my foot in my mouth OR laugh too loudly. Or scream at people to get in a doorway. Whatever. I just embarrass myself.

  5. Rebecca - I'm a Canon girl! said...

    The drinking thing is not unusual girl, I hate hangovers which is why I really don't drink at all anymore....well besides the occasionally wine cooler...and of course my Chocolate Almond Amore at Olive Garden. YUMMY!

    Great photos, you look fly as usual.
    Lol about the perv behind you all checking out the butts!! haha

  6. jill jill bo bill said...

    I am like you, I don't mix meds and alcohol and I keep my alcohol all the same because I am a fat lightweight. I also clam up to avoid bursting into tears on the last day of anything: school, vacation, family reunions, parties, etc. Even on Sun night I am weird and get in a crummy mood thinking I have to go back to getting up early and working.

  7. Jenni said...

    What a fun and cute group of ladies!!! I am glad you had such a fun time!

  8. MaricrisG said...

    Such pretty ladies! I wish I had the luxury for a girls day out! Seems like most people I know here are workaholics like me! :)

    MBC mom

  9. Mrs4444 said...

    I'd read your post, but either my eyes got WAY WORSE overnight, or you shrunk your font. Oh, say it isn't so....!

  10. Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

    It sounds like you had such a great time with your girls! I would love to have a yearly trip with my girls...it would be such fun!

  11. Molly said...

    Those pictures are great!

    Thanks so much for doin' it. I loved reading about your weekend. Nobody cried on my weekend...

    I get cranky when hungry too-ask my family!

    Thanks again!

  12. Ali said...

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! The perv is hilarious! He has nice arms though.

  13. Kristen Andrews said...

    I love that guy looks at your butts! I love the group photo!

  14. Jo-Jo said...

    Why is it when girls get together, the tears always flow?

  15. Aubrey said...

    The ugly cry came out?! Oh NO!!

    I get the worst hangovers when I drink beer/hard liquor but I can finish a bottle of wine on my own and be just fine! Go figure.

  16. Shannon said...

    I also get very cranky when I don't eat! Seriously, you do not want to be around me if I have missed a meal!

    And finding sad song videos on YouTube ...too funny!

  17. starnes family said...

    What a great group of girls. Just happened upon your blog from another. Hope you don't mind me peaking in!


  18. mollybloom said...

    Starting my own blog? Not going to happen. Nope. No. Nuh-uh.


    I can't even keep up with facebook & myspace. Sheesh, I can't even wake up to have quality morning time with two of my kids.

    But I will put in a vote for no close-up pictures allowed on girls weekend away. Who wants a close-up picture or themselves? Not me, that's for sure. Close-up of drinks on table---cool. Close-up of my face---I'll be in therapy for the rest of the year, thanks.

    Just my 2 cents. :)

  19. Tyne said...

    I totally know that guy that is checking out your rear end!!!

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