Interview with the Creators of Baby Blues

I introduce to you, Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman. *applause*

1. I'd like to know how many of the story lines are ones actually experienced by the strip creators.

Jerry & Rick: We both shamelessly exploit our families for gags. Our wives are good sources of gag material, too, suggesting things from time to time.

2. What is Darryl's occupation?

Jerry: Well, we know that he's in middle management, in a mid-sized cubicle near the center of the office, halfway up the building.

Rick: Something that requires him to carry a briefcase and wear a tie.

3. Do your comics ever mimic your childhood?

Jerry: Of course. You can't make this stuff up.

4. I would love to ask if they anticipated (or are even aware of) young readers. Did they created the comic strip to entertain parents, or did they anticipate children identifying and reading along?

Jerry: The truth is that we write and draw to crack each other up. It makes sense that other adults might enjoy the strip. But the fact that lots of kids enjoy the strip as well is something we find very gratifying and exciting.

Rick: Of course, our wives think we're kids anyway, so maybe we are doing it to entertain kids after all.

5. Did you go to art school? If so, which one? (I have a niece that seems to be a budding cartoonist!)

Rick: I was always pulled toward cartoons and drawing cartoons, and started drawing them when I was around five. It wasn't until I was in high school that I really considered that it could be a career choice. I started selling cartoons in college. I went to a technical school for an AA degree in Advertising Art, a field I worked in for many years while still cartooning.

Jerry: Nope. Wish I had, though.

6. Are they going to have any more babies?

Jerry: Well, they weren’t planning on any more kids when Wren presented herself. What was that John Lennon quote again? Besides, there’s not a heck of a lot of room left in the panels for more kids--unless newspapers want to give us more space.

7. You write the character of Wanda so well, making her a believable hard working stay at home mom. Is the character based on your wife, and if so, does she feel it's an accurate depiction of her?

Jerry: Initially Wanda was largely based on Rick's wife when their kids were young.

8. Which character most closely resembles you as a parent or as a child?

Jerry: I think I'm part of all the characters, but I like to imagine that I most closely resemble whoever has the funniest line of the day.

Rick: Luckily, neither of us resembles the characters physically. Otherwise we'd be tipping over from the weight of our noses.

9. I know that you base your strip on your children, but how closely based is it? Have your children actually done the things that Zoe, Hammie & Wren do?

Rick: The characters in Baby Blues are composites. Physically, Darryl is a combination of Jerry and me: my glasses, Jerry’s red hair. Wanda is similar to my wife. The house they live in is based on the house my children spent the first half of their lives in. Any other similarities are purely coincidental (our attorney told us to say that).

10. What inspired you to become a comic strip writer/cartoonist? Was it always a lifelong dream?

Jerry: I have always liked to draw and to make people laugh. Cartooning satisfies those urges better than say, investment banking.

Rick: We were both under the impression that being a comic strip creator meant a life of playing golf and days filled with antics. By the time we realized we didn't like to play golf, and it actually entailed work, it was too late.

Funny men, I love funny men!

Thanks to all the great questions everyone!

And a huge thanks to Jerry Scott, Rick Kirkman, and Marissa from Dan Klores Communications for allowing me this fabulous opportunity!

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  1. Amanda said...

    That was a great read. It's a comic I read every time I pick up the paper.

  2. Amy W said...

    Great job, Jen! What a fun opportunity! Those guys are having way too much fun. I need a job like that!

  3. Anonymous said...

    I love Baby Blues - this was a great interview!

  4. Linda S said...

    great interview! the next Baba Wawa perhaps?

  5. Anonymous said...

    There were some great questions asked! Nice interview and I agree with Lindas S. on the next baba wawa.. you got it girl!

  6. Merrie said...

    Fantastic -- what a couple of characters. Can't wait to get my book, too! :) I know the kids will love reading it (after I'm done with it!)

  7. Unknown said...

    You should see my two year old dancing to "bust a move" that your blog is playing right now! Too stinking funny!

    Anyways, I totally loved reading this interview! Baby Blues is the only one I read every day in the newspaper. Neat to learn a little bit about the people behind it.

  8. Jo-Jo said...

    Loved the interview! I havent gotten my book yet but I can't wait! WHOO HOO!

  9. kel said...

    That is the coolest thing ever!!

  10. JenEverAfter said...

    Great stuff! I'm SO looking forward to my book!

  11. Mama2hre said...

    Fantastic interview! I just got my book today! My son and I spent a solid 45 min. reading and LAUGHING! Thank you for the book and great job on the interview!

  12. Mrs4444 said...

    Very funny guys! Thanks for the Christmas gift idea; I know Kyle would love their book.

  13. flickrlovr said...

    So cool that you got to do this! The interview questions were great. Funny guys!

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