What a season!

My boy's Farm team had a great year with tons of growth and improvement in all the players.

Last weekend we played the last two games and were ranked for playoffs.

Excited to just get one extra game the boys went into Tuesday's game with a positive attitude.

My Boy, sporting a lucky Mohawk that he received 2 winning games ago, hits a line drive down the 3rd base line....

He rounds second, heads to third....STOP I yell from the score booth!

He's headed home!


With no intention of slowing or sliding the ball gets there, but a tag is not made, My Boy has his first in-the-park HOMERUN!

After the 4th inning we had 10 runs!!

In a normal game, it would be over...but playoffs go 6 full innings.

Chattering our teeth, we held it out and the boys won the game 10-5!

Yeehaw, last game for the championship...

My nephew T and his team were playing the undefeated White Sox the next night, the winner would play us for the championship.

We got the play by play via text.

"Rangers 2, Sox 0"

"Rangers 4, Sox 0"

"Rangers 6, Sox 2"

"Game over, Rangers WIN!"

We couldn't believe it, it had been done, someone had to knock the Sox down!

So here we are, still in it and headed to a championship.

Cousin vs. cousin.

Mariners vs. Rangers.

May the Mariners best team win!

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  1. Martha said...

    Congratulations to both teams, and Good Luck to your son. Great job on the HR!

  2. Anonymous said...

    yay! A homerun how awesome.. I only hit a few in my day and all were in the park.. :-).. oo it will be fun that they are playing each other.. sure hope your son's team wins :-)

  3. WeaselMomma said...

    Home run is awesome!!!!!!
    Good luck in the Championship.

  4. Marla said...

    how awesome that he hit his first in the part home run!!! that must have been quite a moment...

  5. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Congrats to your man on his in park home run. One of those times you were thankful he didn't listen?

    And, good luck in the playoffs!

  6. Bree Shaw said...

    how exciting! we played ball this weekend and our boys didn't fair as good as yours did. they had fun and learned a lot and that is all that matters, right? that is hard for me to say! anyhow, good luck to the cousins and keep us posted! with pics please:)

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