True Blue

Lori at A Cowboy’s Wife is once again hosting a Blue Ribbon Photography Contest.

I'm a sucker for contests and love photography.

The contest theme was "Sapphire" or anything in the blue related family... so here is my entry:

The title of this picture, is "Ookit I Ung!" (you gotta say it with your tongue sticking out!)

Thank you to Airheads and my youngest daughter for some amazing photo opps!

5 supporters in group:

  1. Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

    Love this photo! You have some really great shots. I was back tracking in my google reader. You have very clear photos. Love the ones from Sea World too.

  2. Martha said...

    I think K has a career in modeling!
    She is just too cute. (I know, I've said it a hundred times!)

  3. Jenni said...

    LOVE it! I hope you win!

  4. Courtney said...

    Busy busy Mama! You definitely need that gas card lol!

  5. Mrs4444 said...

    This is a fantastic shot. And I must add that WOW-How can she be old enough already to go to preschool?!

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