The Ghost Did It...

So I was most worried about nightmares after taking my family to see A Christmas Carol.

It was a scary-ass movie for animation let me tell you.

Who knew comedian Jim Carrey would scare the crap out of me.

And, yes, K saw the movie.

But, we have been playing off the whole ghost thing to make her less scared.

"Ghosts are only in Canada" DQ tells her.

Yeah, K has no idea where that is or that she lives in the U.S....well at least can't tell you she does and comprehend it.

"Ghosts are just pretend" works a bit better.

But now Ghost is her go-to excuse.

You know when you read those cartoons and there's always a kid standing by a "ghost" kid that has NOT ME on it?!

Well, that ghost lives in our house now.

Everything that happens, K blames it on the ghost.

Or GHOSTIE as she's lovingly named it.

Recently I walked into the living room and it smelled of nail polish.

I immediately asked her what she was doing and she replied, "Ghostie painted the box" while hiding her pink polish-splashed hand.

Someone farted in the car the other day.

It wasn't me.

K was the only other person with me.

"Ghostie is stinkin' up the place!" she says.

So is it normal...just a phase...probably.

Associating a scary imaginary source with bad behavior takes the heat off of my poor girl who wants to keep her reputation clear of wrongdoing.

But, if I don't catch her right away, she'll tattle on herself, "mom! Ghostie is eating candy!"

So she's sorta honest-ish.

She'll grow out of it.

I hope.

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  1. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    I wanted to go see that with my kids but neither one of them wanted to see it.

    K is funny! I love hearing your stories about her :)

  2. Martha said...

    Too funny. We need to go see that movie! Tara hasn't been in the mood for movies! Ghostie is always doing things around our house... and we don't have had a young one!

  3. The Mother said...

    My 14 yo had a ghostie. He had a laboratory upstairs and was going to invent a teleporter so I wouldn't have to sit in traffic.

    Or a flying car.

    Unfortunately, Stretch grew up before Ghostie managed to produce either.

  4. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Ooo. I wanted to see that movie but it kinda creeps me out also! :)

  5. michelle said...

    Scapeghost is much better than scary ghost. Very cute.

    A Christmas Carol always scared the pants off me. Jacob Marley... eeek. And that Grim Reaper dude. Yikes!

  6. Merrie said...

    That is too funny! I think the ghost is gonna take a lot of hits. Poor guy.

  7. Unknown said...

    I saw a 3-D preview of the new Christmas Carol movie, and I wondered how kid-appropriate it would be. Even the preview was kinda scary!

  8. Michelle said...

    One of Wyn's friends said that about the movie and I just thought she was coodling her kid. My kids don't really get scared from movies. Of course I don't let them watch PG-13 or R, just PG or G.

    I hope ghostie stays out of trouble.

  9. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    It cracks me up that she hasn't figured out to wait to confess until you get caught, or um I mean Ghostie hasn't figured that our yet.

  10. Angela @ Nine More Months said...

    I refuse to see that movie. Something about that type of animation just skeeves me out...

  11. Anonymous said...

    My oldest used to have an imaginary friend he blamed everything on. He would actually get mad at his imaginary friend and make him go home to his invisible family.

  12. Maude Lynn said...

    My daughter did this! Drove me crazy for a while.

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