Slumber(less) Party

So my oldest turned eleven and talked me into a slumber party.

I've been promising my hubby for years now that we're going to tone down the birthday parties.

I love a good jumpy house, pinata, huge crowd type of kid's party.

That's what i'm good at.

Adult parties, forget about clue what to do.

So this year we had 8 tweens for a sleepover and they are not the jumpy house, pinata type.

Pre-teens for goodness sake...they want music, food (OH they can EAT!), random items...i'll get back to that.

So my daughter gives me little on the "plan" and I don't work well without one. I'm completely freaked out that she'll have girls here for 21 hours and not a real plan. Yikes.

So the start time of the party is 1pm and end time is 10am the next day.

Girls start showing up at the door with sleeping bags, pillows, makeup, iPods and phones that are much much cooler than my own. sigh.

The running around, giggling, texting, iTunes, and chit-chat begins.

Luckily there was one planned event, t-shirt design. Cool.

By 3pm, the girls had done EVERYTHING my daughter had envisioned. PANIC. For me at least, they were fine with it.

I put in my earphones with my MP3 player so I could tune out and not eavesdrop. Not that I want to, but hearing less is more, trust me.

Dancing begins, singing, eating...more and more eating. I must have popped 6 bags of popcorn! Soda, a treat for the kids, went down quickly, cupcakes, gum, a dentist's nightmare of cavity-inducing party snacks.

Soon I hear a plan for "hide and seek at Target" and teams are being made up. Um...WHAT?! I do have to step in and be a mom and say, "sorry, but getting kicked out of Target isn't cool" and so they settle for shopping.

We get there and spend 45 minutes shopping for orange Crush, fake nails, and makeup.

The Dollar Store is next and we leave there with pedicure sets, nail polish, and silly string.

Pizza parlor and more soda and the girls are literally jumping off the chairs.

This may have been the time to send them all home, but alas they all came back to my house and bounced off those walls.

Makeovers and mani/pedis were happening and even a few girls came out of the bathroom with faces covered completely with blue and black makeup. Wow.

I flashed back to my eleventh year and thought that things sometimes never change.

More music, more food, Tiger Beat magazine, giggles and happiness filled the air.

Girls heading to bed at 2, 3, and 4am only to awaken at 8am for morning makeovers and pancakes!

"What was everyone doing at 3am?" I asked DQ....Eating...and talking. But of course.

Let me tell out of all 23 kid's birthday parties i've thrown for my 3 kids, this was byfar the easiest for me.

The girls had an incredible time and I was impressed how it stayed so drama free and I had nothing to stress about.

Oh and my 3 year old...wants a slumber party for all her classmates at preschool.

Twelve 3 year olds for a sleepover...hah...I draw the line right there. Not gonna happen!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    12 - 3 year olds I can't imagine!! Glad it turned out - sounds like a great time!!! You are braver then me I put the limit at four friends.... I must be that evil step mother!!!

  2. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Of course K wants to do what her big sister does LOL

    Sounds like a good time was had by all.

    They kinda entertain each other, by talking texting and eating so that makes it easy :)

  3. Christine said...

    Oh you are a VERY brave woman!!!!! Sleep overs SCARE the bajesus out of me.

  4. Anonymous said...

    When my daughter was that age, she would host a 24-hour Christmas party. The girls would come over the last day of school before the holidays and stay until just before dinner the next day.

    I kinda miss those parties.

  5. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Grrrr. That could be my worst nightmare!!! ;) You are a brave-brave woman!!!

  6. Ally Wasmund said...

    oh my goodness. what a crazy day that must have been! i remember the hell we put my parents through. ha ha ha

  7. He & Me + 3 said...

    I don't do the sleepover parties...but 12 three year olds would be so much fun...I don't think you would ever leave the bathroom. LOL

  8. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    I can't even imagine that sleep over...the noise would do me in!

    Glad they had a good time and they were so easy.

  9. The Mother said...

    Girls must be harder than boys. When we do sleep overs, I turn on the WII and slide pizza under the door.


  10. Brittany said...

    This just made me miss sleepovers in junior high!! I might just need to do an adult version!

  11. Anonymous said...

    Sounds like so much fun! Reminds me of my sleep over days... Man Im old!! LOL

  12. Julia@SometimesLucid said...

    11 pre-teen girls and NO DRAMA????? How???? Teach me the way, master?!

  13. Martha said...

    Sounds like fun. Tara's favorite birthday party was a sleep over one too! We put mattresses in our empty living room and they had a blast all night long. The dogs and I, well we stayed in my bedroom! It was a pretty easy part, except for a little drama with two of the girls who were going to "beat each other up". I put a stop to that rather quickly, and the rest of the night went well. I think they went to bed around 5am!

  14. Merrie said...

    You're a good mom, Jen! And very brave. :) I find slumber parties to be fairly easy as the kids are good about entertaining each other. I'm glad it was a success!

  15. life in the mom lane said...

    Sounds like a fun time @ your house- you are now the "cool" mom who all the kids want to have :)
    My girls are now 18 & 21 and we did all kinds of slumber parties etc. as they were growing up- as long as you have plenty of junk food, soda and ear plugs it's not so bad :)

  16. Martha said...

    I shared an award with you today!

    Click here

  17. Mel Fraase said...

    Wow, that sounds really fun. I'm secretly excited for my daughter to turn that age, and terrified at the same time. Only three more years!

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