My Mental Age is about 9.

Kids keep you young.

There are so many things I love to do and have that is all thanks to those little ankle biters.

How often would I buy Dora Popsicles if I didn't have kids, probably never.

Just the taste of them takes me back to a simpler time.

It's a visceral feeling.

I also love LOVE love to go out in public with K when she's in a costume, tutu, or PJ's, and especially when it's not Halloween.

I mean it's so NORMAL when it's your little toddler, and downright creepy when it's haggard 40-year olds.

People stop and stare, say, "aw, that's so cute!"

Because it totally is.

I feel young when I get to speak in my "cutely" voice when playing Barbies and princesses.

If I ever retreat back into my normal-toned voice, K likes to scream at me, "TALK CUTELY!"

Oh the youth of it all.

What about the excuse to stroll through the toy aisle at Target.

Thanks kids!

I always wanted a Easy-Bake oven.

I still walk by and think of all the warm-ish/half-cooked/sugar-filled goodness I could make.

And those ginormous doll houses!

I've always dreamt of having one and making the mom and dad dolls kiss.

Bounce houses also keep your youth alive.

I'm a sucker for them at birthday parties, and when I get in one, I feel 8 again.

When my body parts are still bouncing long after I get out of the jumper...well then I feel 80...but back to the feeling young stuff.

Amusement parks.

The wind rushing through your hair on the roller coasters...totally reminds me of being a tween with my friends at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Spending our parents money on all those carnie-games trying to win an stuffed duck wearing a hat.

Ahh. Memories.

Finally, I feel young when I go to Safeway and they card me when I buy wine.

Usually there are Cheetos, chicken, Popsicles, and Scalpacin in my cart in there I'm really trying to pull a fast one on the checkers.

What makes you feel young?

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  1. Leah said...

    I agree about the easy bake ovens...I always wanted one of those. The other toy I see out that I would have loved when I was a kid (and now) is the Project runway book with the dolls already drawn so you can create your own fashion line.

  2. LdybugSammi said...

    coloring. I love being able to sit down with a box of crayons and a coloring book. It would look totally weird if I did it by myself lol

  3. Ranch Girl said...

    I'm not sure what makes me feel young, but I thoroughly enjoyed your walk down memory lane ...

  4. The Black Sheep said...

    I loved your perspective on this! I certainly feel young when I am playing with my kids. It's so enjoyable to play dolls or barbies, or Super Mario Brothers for hours!!

    Please do me a favor and stop by my switched to WP last weekend and all of my subscribers lost my feed in their reader! Bummer. Please re-subscribe or re-friend me on google friend. THANKS!!

  5. Keyona said...

    Talk cutely, I love it. Chasing my daughter around the park makes me feel young!

  6. Linda S said...

    OK, I love the Disney Channel...but don't tell my daughter!

  7. Meant to be Mom said...

    It makes me feel young when my husband and I get to drop our son off at my mom's house and go out like we used to. I don't feel as young at 7 a.m. though when the little guy is up ready to play!

  8. Mrs Montoya said...

    The word cutely just makes me smile!

    We have annual passes to Disneyland and I just love to go on the rides with my kiddos and hold my hands over my head and giggle and scream. They think I'm super fun for the 90 seconds we're on it and I don't feel like a 100 year old nag. We should go more!

  9. Heather said...

    riding bikes with my kids makes me feel young!

    This weekend we went ice skating, and that made me feel young in a wobbly, ungraceful kind of way, lol :)

    Another thing that takes me back is wading in lakes/streams or most of all, the ocean - but seeing as I'm in a land-locked state that kinda doesn't happen, ever. So I stick with lakes/streams!

  10. Messy Mommy said...

    Right there with ya! I LOVE bounce houses and amusement parks. I'm trying to convince the kids' gymnastic's teacher to have an adult party so we can play on all the equipment!

  11. Shana Putnam said...

    Just playing games period makes me feel young but I love to play in the rain and mud with kids. I did it with all my nephews and nieces at some time and can't wait to do it with Blaze. Great excuse to get soaking wet and muddy as an adult.

  12. Jami said...

    So true! I love buying little treats like those sinful sugar cookies "because the kids like them." :)

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