My Daughter has Big Dreams!

It's the end of the preschool year for K this week.

Thursday is her last day.

Today she came home with a memory book of quotes that the teachers so loving documented for the parents.

I've been hysterical laughing/crying for hours.

It's so dang cute.

Here are K's famous quotes:

---If you were a pilgrim child and could bring just one toy on the "Mayflower" which one would you choose? K's response, "the NORBALL (marble) game, it goes round and round."

---What gift would you give to baby Jesus (she goes to a church're probably all "duh!") K's response, "A table and a toy car and a lollypop!"

---How many teeth do you have? K's response, "9." (not sure what happened to her other 11 that day.)

---Favorite food? K's response, "Corn out of a can." (we NEVER have this)

---What is your favorite book? K's response, "The Book about People." (so detailed)

---What is the best thing about Preschool? K's response, "Playing with the dollies."

---What kind of job do you want when you grow up? K's response, "Help people buy things at the store." (personal shopper?  like at Bloomingdale's or more like a bagger at Safeway?)

---K says, "My family grows cakes in the garden and we're taking them to the fair." (this was after a classmate mentioned his family grows pumpkins for the fair, cake is way cooler)

---K's Cookie Pie Recipe
11 Cookies
11 Gingerbread Men
11 Strawberries
3 Treasure Pieces
Cook a lot at 356 and 11 degrees for 11 hours.  If you eat it raw, it is okay 'cause it has powers to take away tummy aches.  Put Sprinkles and CHEESE when done cooking. (Try at your own risk)

---A classmate was blowing out her birthday candle, K says, "I smell fire, but don't call the fire department, it's just her birfday."

Oh...there's more, from her classmates....oh so funny.  I'll save it for next time.

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  1. Formerly known as Frau said...

    So cute! So I'm guessing can corn for dinner tonight! Easy peasy!

  2. Jennifer said...

    Adorable! I think the baby Jesus would love a table, a toy car and a lollipop! When my son was in preschool, they all lined up their chairs and were pretending to ride a bus over the bridge ( we live in NJ) to Philadelphia to go to the zoo. The teacher was "driving" and asking them to talk about what they might see at the zoo and what they might see on the trip. She told me that afternoon at pickup that my son ( 3 at the time) waited until they were on top of the imaginary bridge to point and inform them that he could see IKEA and he would rather go to IKEA than the zoo. ( You can, indeed, see IKEA from the top of the Walt Whitman bridge)

  3. Merrie said...

    So sweet -- I love this age! It's good she knows there's a time to call the fire department and a time not to. :)

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