The Bewitching Hour

Sometimes you just need a break.

Like last night, I contemplated eating my delicious BBQ hamburger dinner in my bedroom.

But, I just got a new mattress topper and I didn't want it ending up smelling like beef.

Right now it smells like green tea and at night I dream of the orient.

Who wants to dream of butcher shops and raw meat?


K, the spirited 4 year old was out.of.control.

Just over tired, but loud as all get out, and tantruming over not liking HANDURGER.

"NO MEAT, just bread and cheese! No beans, NO SAHWAHD!"

It was like we forcing her to eat tires and sand!

Summer preschool is in session, half to keep her busy, and half to make the week a tad more sane for everyone.  So on school days, she normally needs a nap by 1pm.

Except for the fact she doesn't nap anymore.

So 1pm she's a whiney mess.

And, by 5pm, delirious.  She will breakdown and cry if the toilet seat is left up.


Don't blame you on that sister.

So we break down and unlock the cartoon channels , and we have down time.

Sometimes milk is in order.  Sometimes chocolate. Sometimes bribery.

Right now it's Tinkerbell and a Ding Dong.

By the end of the summer, someone may just have one of those motorized vehicles cruising around the neighborhood.

Don't judge me or I'll send her to your house for HAPPY FUN HOUR every evening.

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  1. Leslie said...

    I had forgotten how much fun the afternoon can be with a tired child. I was reminded of it just the other day when I went over to my sister's house at 5:30, when her five year old twin boys were having a meltdown.

    I learned my lesson. I won't be picking that time to visit again any time soon!

  2. Susan Fobes said...

    A ding dong would work for me too! LOL!

  3. Linda S said...

    my refuge is the bathroom. it's the only place the teens will NOT enter EVER.

  4. Casey said...

    No judgement here. I'm not above bribery, even now.

  5. Unknown said...

    I would never judge. It's very similar at that time of day around here... ugh.

  6. Susan said...

    Good gosh, I could have written this post 8 years ago. Good gosh! No judgments here!

  7. Aria said...

    She and my turbo-unit aka mini-Mussolini can ravage my house. Maybe they can wear each other out. Hope, hope, pray, pray.

  8. Michelle said...

    A toddler who refuses to nap is my worst nightmare. B napped until he was 5, the summer before kindergarten. If the babies I nanny for stop napping at 3 I will not be happy. Mom needs the break, kids need the rest. Why don't they understand this???

  9. Mrs4444 said...

    So glad to be past those day...

    Are you doing TWT tomorrow? I've got an offering :)

  10. LAC said...

    Many meltdown days in my futures. But no judging here. I am sure its a difficult thing to deal with and maintain sanity.

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