Cabana Boy Wanted, Inquire Within

I really should be in bed.

It's late and my eyes are blurry.

No, I didn't go see Eclipse and just get home.

I'm just up.

Plus, I have to pack.

8 days worth.

Hub already has his backpack filled.

Seriously, men can get away with 2 pairs of shorts and a swiss army knife and they're good.  No one notices their clothes, their shoes, or if they went a day without using the flat iron.

In my delusion, I don't need a suitcase.

I have so much disposable cash that I buy a whole new wardrobe on vacation.

At like a normal-ish place like a surf-ski shop, not those casino stores.  I don't do glitter and pleather.

But, vacation doesn't mean all-you-can-eat, beaches, and cosmos by the pool.

Psh, I wish.

It means getting all the bills in order.  Making sure I don't miss sports deadlines because two of my offspring want me to be a soccer mom again.  It means trying to straighten up so we come home to a clean house.  Arranging for mail pickups, money goes into the bank, cat gets fed people food rather than that dry lucky charm crap.


When we finally get to our destination, the keys are picked up....THEN we have to unpack, go grocery shopping, keep the condo clean, make sure the kids don't break stuff or scream at us too loud, cook meals.....

Anyone want to come be our lifeguard/cabana boy/chef/babysitter?

Sometimes I wonder what part is actually the vacation.  Not being at home?

What does vacation even mean?  ...Googling it.

leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure

Okay, since my kids are my work, then I'm technically still working next week while my husband enjoys his vacation. 

Yay for you honey.

I knew I should have been the bread winner.  Damn D+ in Econ.

So, some of us are on vacation.....and..... Shit. I'm the lifeguard/cabana boy/chef/babysitter!

Dude, hubby...that's pretty damn sneaky.


Luckily we'll have family to hang with, especially those from AZ that we only see about twice a year.

The weather is supposed to be lovely, score point two.

The condo has a blender.

My brother-in-law likes to gamble. And drink.

The condo has a pool.

The air is cleaner at 6000 ft.

Hubby will be sharing the kid-load.

The condo has internet and hub is bringing the router for wifi.

Okay, vacations can be cool.

I could still use the cabana boy though.


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  1. Ryan Collins said...

    Nice post. I started my company in Lake Tahoe based on moms and parents in your exact situation. Someone once said that a vacation frequently means that the family goes away for a rest, accompanied by a mother who sees that the others get it. :-) Our slogan is We take the kids. You take the vacation. We provide summer day camps for families on vacation in Lake Tahoe so the parents can get a break and enjoy themselves. Maybe I should start a side project and call it Hmmm? I don't hate the idea...

  2. Susan said...

    .... but your toes will look fabulously red! I sucked at econ, too... how I passed, I'll never know.

  3. shutter girl said...

    We mommies all need a cabana boy in our lives...EVERY DAY!!!

  4. noexcuses said...

    I LOVE THIS!! Sounds like you may be close to Vegas, or someplace in NV. "Damn D in Econ" - I never even got that far!

    I came over from Mrs4444. I'll be back to visit when I have more time.

    Hope you enjoy your week!

  5. LAC said...

    ROFL. I too am getting ready for a vacation starting on Saturday. And you very well articulated the stress that goes along with it. Thank you for a great post! I have a feeling I will be back. Followed a link from Mrs. 4444's 1000 Thursday post.

  6. Ranch Girl said...

    So wish I could be there - sounds like fun!

  7. Merrie said...

    Yay, he's bringing the router so I can keep in touch with you as if you were only blocks away. I'm happy.

    As for the vacation definition -- that is exactly what mine will be! This is the one and only time it pays to be the breadwinner, apparently. I will technically be away from work and enjoying some leisure time. Pleasure will only follow if the kids don't try to kill each other all week.

  8. Swirl Girl said...

    A vacation is NOT a vacation where you have to do what you do at home...just somewhere else!

    Someone needed to say that - and since my cabana boy is busy putting a frilly umbrella in my cocktail, I thought I would.


  9. Michelle said...

    Vacationing without kids, now that is a real vacation. Our vacation with the kids to Disneyland was a ton of work and the kids still whined and complained and misbehaved. Hoping hubby and I can plan a trip without the kids sometime soon!

  10. Carrie Lynne said...

    Does the cabana boy come with adult beverages with little umbrellas?

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