Beach House Wanted, STAT!

Oh how I love the beach.

Does everyone dream of a beach house as often as I do?


Nature in your backyard daily, look how close these dolphins are! (I'm standing just at the waterline)


I could fall asleep to this every night.


So what if every once in a while, we'd get fogged in.


It would be worth it on those beautiful clear nights like this one.


A girl can dream....

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  1. Unknown said...

    I love the beach too Jen and I dream of the same things you do...ahhhhh one day I will retire on the sandy beaches

  2. Sherri said...

    Love, love the beach.....and your pictures take me there, at least for a few minutes!

  3. Tara R. said...

    I live near the beach, can go anytime I want, and I still want to be closer. Gorgeous shots of the sunset.

  4. Heidi said...

    Great, now I want a beach house too. My husband thanks you, I'm sure.

  5. MOMMY-MOMO said...

    we live about 10-15 mins away from the beach and i sooo agree!! I want to live closer! the foggy mornings are the best! the smell... ahhh

  6. Carol said...

    Oh yes, I am so ready for my beach fix. We live about 4 hours from the beach, so it's not an everyday treat. I'm hoping my son will buy a beach house someday, and I'll have to check it periodically to make sure all is okay!

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