No Boys Allowed

Just as soccer is coming to an end, the days are getting more flexible and schedules aren't choking us with carpooling, enter mid-November.

What, only the 10th.  Well, it's almost the middle.

Tomorrow is my daughter's 12th birthday.  TWELVE, going on thirty.

How does this happen?

Oh yeah, time.

It flies.

I feel it every day as my aging body rebels.

So ten girls, my house, and no plan.

It makes me kinda wacky.

I'm so used to being in control of parties, food, activities, jump house, pinata. Done.

Two hours in and out.

Not now.  My daughter wants a 6 hour party, her own random activities, food, pizza, and cake. 

"I just want to hang mom."

Hang for 6 hours.  With 10 others, in our small house.


Plus I have to pawn off K and My Boy to grandma's because the tween doesn't want distractions.

Like farting noises and screaming toddlers.

I actually understand that, thank goodness tomorrow's a holiday and grandma is off work.  (Thanks Gran and papa, you rock!)

So amid the party planning, there was a slight detour.

DQ wanted to invite 3 boys to the party.

Of course it's not a sleepover, duh, that would be an automatic HELL TO THE NO! But, my daughter has attended birthday and holiday parties with friends that included boys.  Sure, fine.  BUT...

But...this is our house and we say no.

But...3 of these boys may or may not be "boyfriends" of some of the girls attending.

And by may or may not, I mean heavy on the MAY.


Can you imagine the drama of just the 10 girls aged 12 and 13?

Let's NOT throw 3 boyfriends into the mix, i'm not ready to be patrolling the hallway to make sure doors aren't closed.

Oh I think I have to take a xanax just thinking about this.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a trust issue.  It's just not what we're going to do.  We're not going to support it.  Enable it.  Encourage it.

Plus, DQ doesn't know it yet, but she will attend the high school prom with her dad.  No dating until you're 25 darling.  Sorry.

Now, off to buy candy, popcorn, and Mountain Dew.

Can you believe I've never had a Mountain Dew, we've never bought it for our household, yet it's a staple for most tween parties.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Beverly said...

    good luck making it through it lol, I only had boys so I don't know if I could handle a 10 girl party for 6 hrs in a confined space!

  2. Pam said...

    never had my bf at any of my parties until high school. even without boys being anyone's bf, we played truth or dare or spin the bottle a lot. so yeah. i know how those parties go lol it's good that it's a no-go on boys. boys at 13 have raging hormones. :o/

  3. Vanessa Rogers said...

    that brought me back to my middle school birthday slumber parties. Oh the tween years, how I don't miss them!

  4. Whiney Momma said...

    Ha ha...I think you made the right decision; plus the girls don't realize it but they will have much more fun without any pressure to look good or act differently. This is the time in their life to enjoy being themselves and getting that "silly girl time" singing karoke, drawing crazy phases on each other's pictures on the computer and pigging out.

    I hope they have a blast! And maybe you will a little too : )

    BTW, I love your blog, so easy to read. Keep on posting!

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