DRINK Every Time they say Westminster Abbey!

No I did not stay up all night watching the Royal Wedding.

I need my sleep, that's just crazy.

Plus we have a DVR.

Duh, winning!

I taxied K over to preschool, picked up my thematic drink and pressed play at the normal hour of 9:15am.
I'm a sucker for weddings, plus Prince William is just a cutie.

So I made some notes while I watched....

I NEED a hat, preferably cowboy, and some hawt cowboy boots too.

Those feathery, side-head, satillite types are awful.

YES, I'm talking to you Beatrice and Euginie.

Will and Harry had Mickey Mouse hands with those white gloves in the car, their waves made me chuckle.

If you watch at night, you can make a drinking game out of it, "chug everytime they say Westminster Abbey"  you'll get royally snockered.

I'm not a Camilla fan.  She's a castle-wrecker.

Kate is gorgeous, and her sister Pippa is too, *ahem Harry, she's single*

Harry's on-again-off-again girl Chelsey looked ragged.

Kate was super blinky during the vows.

Will has a sexy deep voice.

Fast forwarding through the ceremony is key.

Fast forwarding through the carriage ride is key.

Lots of FFing to get to the kiss...good gracious!

Love that Kate says, "WOW" when she sees the crowd.

Those kids on the balcony scare the bejeezus out of me.

The kiss was a peck.

I wonder if they'll do the chicken dance or Macarena at the reception!

Will they name their first daughter Diana?

The second kiss was better!
And, now 2 hours of my life have been happily wasted.

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  1. Sarah said...

    I've seen a few pics, but - admittedly - did not watch the ceremony. I love your Cliffs Notes version. Now I'm good :)

  2. Kimbuckjr said...

    Oh goodness gracious...you are total 'Comic Relief!' I was laughing so hard while reading your wedding notes. You are SO funny and that's just ONE of many reasons of why I LOVE your blog SO much! Thank You!

    And yeah...I'm 'THAT' girl who stayed up late (actually early, huh?) to watch the Royal Wedding. Yup, I'm her! The time wasn't wasted though. While I was watching the nuptuals I also surfed the Mommy Blogosphere entering giveaway after giveaway. I must of entered about 20 to 25 different giveaways. And as my luck would have it...I haven't won a single giveaway from all those entries. Sad, isn't it? But I'm use to losing...I always do! UGH!

    Thank you so much for allowing me to write and for making me laugh this evening, I totally needed that belly-laugh.


  3. tiff said...

    How cute was that little girl holding her ears during the Balcony Kiss?!

    I can't help it, I'm jealous of Kate. She's the first 'commoner' to be a Princess in around 360 years....

    *um, Harry....How YOU doin?*

    fashion in the forest

  4. Anonymous said...

    HA Ha you crack me up! I too watched the royal wedding so don't worry. =)

    linzcoupons at gmail dot com

  5. mindful mama said...

    Best recap of the Royal Weddding I've read to date!

    I woke up because I couldn't sleep, then hubby woke up and turned on the TV at 4 am while I stumbled across the news that Royal Wedding would stream live on YouTube. So I watched in on YouTube while hubby was watching it on TV! I eventually gave up and watched it on the big screen. Pathetic, but fun in a way.


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