I'm Inspiring to No One.

Truth is...

I suck at exercise.

Exercise increases my appetite, thus I eat more.

Then I justify it WITH the exercise.

I love food, especially the comfort-high carb kind.

I hate being sweaty and the feeling of gargling my heart.

Jillian has ruined me.

I have yet to find the balance.

I got through 27 days of the 30 day Shred and then took a week off.

NOT easy to jump back in to.

I'm an inspiration to no one.

At the same time I say I will finish the last 3 days, I also say, "Hawaii's island-clothing theme IS muumuu's" 

So when in Rome...

or Maui...

Yes, I'm hard on myself, I'm not actually the size of a house. 

Just flabby in the middle. 

Only a tummy tuck will remedy that skin-tastic mess.

Thanks un-forgiving skin cells.

I haven't quit.  Just looking for that tankini rather than the full-monty bikini.

Or finding that adorable tank to wear with my bikini bottoms.

Or finding an hot skirt to wear with the bikini top.

See, I'm flexible.

Just not into the whole exercise shenanigans.

But, my portions have improved 10-fold.

I feel healthier and my coat is extra shiny.

My last efforts are trying Zumba at the girls' dance studio.

Just got the memo that it's FREE now through July to parents of students.

I can go a total of 5 times before my trip.

....it's worth a try.

I think.

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  1. Beth W said...

    27 days of exercise in a row???! I'M inspired. And impressed. I count it a win if I can do 5 days in a week.

    I think being able to get almost completely through an exercise program is good enough, right? Who needs a bikini perfect bod? Being healthy and self-aware is where it's at. Go you!

  2. The Mom Jen said...

    Too sweet!

  3. Roulette said...

    Wow, I haven't done 27 days in a row of anything in years. Exercising makes me hungry too. So I usually drink a protein shake before and after. WTG!!

  4. kristi said...

    I heard zumba is a lot of fun. Mainly I walk outdoors 4 to 5 times a week....would love to be able to jog though!

  5. kellyr78 said...

    Exercise makes me hungry too! I feel my blood sugar dropping, the more I exert myself and I just want to hop off the treadmill and stuff my face sometimes, hah!


  6. tiff said...

    I'm headed to my first Zumba class EVER - Intro To Zumba. I bet I'm going to get schooled!

    fashion in the forest

  7. Anonymous said...

    I totally understand I started working out 1 1/2 years ago and I have to say I am doing pretty well. I do have a few slip ups now and again but for the most part I am doing great. Check out bodyrock.tv for inspiration, whenever I am feeling down I just check out that website, her exercises are awesome as well!

    linzcoupons at gmail dot com

  8. Ellie said...

    We are so much alike! I suck at exercise. I love carbs. Ugh... After three kids my body is not the same. The worst thing is, it probably will never be. I tried Zumba and it's a lot of fun. The only problem is, I can't find time to go there anymore because of my husband's wacky work schedule.

  9. Rose-Marie said...

    Plain 'ol exercising just to be moving can get really boring. Just doing something you like, go for a walk, or just cleaning, bike ride, gets you moving and has a good effect. I don't think exercising helps ppl lose weight. Weight lifting has the most effect on shape (not that women would end up like a body builder, but can help posture, strengthen the core, etc) often more results than going running.

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