Kids Say the Darndest....

So we're in the car.

I'm listening to my Pandora App and Garth Brooks is on.

I'm singing loudly to the live version of Friends in Low Places.

K from the back seat says, "mom?"


"Is that seenguh from Tennessee?"


"Is that seenguh from TENNESSEE, can you heaw me?!"

(laughing) Yes, I heard you.

Why do you ask that question?

"He sounds like a farmer."

A farmer?!

Do you mean he sounds like he sings country music?

"Is Tennessee country music?"

Um, kinda.


(giggle) Where did you hear about Tennessee recently?

"Hannah Montana."


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  1. Carrie Lynne said...

    Got to love Disney!

  2. Anonymous said...

    I am sure my 5 year old didn't know that state yet until he watched Hannah Montana! We are from NY. He only knows the few states we have visited!

  3. tiff said...

    That's just adorable!
    Your kids sound really funny!

  4. Anonymous said...

    That too funny, like Hannah Montana knows anything about Tennessee! =0)

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  5. tlcrum06 said...

    Being from Tennessee I have to LOVE this post!!! Love his interpretation of Garth Brooks & to think...he learned it all from Disney!!!

  6. Jennifer said...

    That is too cute! My kids watch Hannah Montana all the time!!

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