Keep Your Expectations Low

My husband is generally frugal and simple.

Some would call him cheap, tight-wad, or ridiculous.

He likes to say he keeps things low-expectation.

Lives simply so he can strive for better.

We got on topic of fancy weddings, like at Disneyland or World.

Grand honeymoons like to Italy.

He thinks the bar gets set at an unreasonably high level.

So if life doesn't match or exceed that experience, you will be disappointed.


We began discussing if this is how divorce-ideas start.

Then he began drawing air-graphs with his fingers.

(blogging from my phone, use your imagination here)

In our case, we had a Mission wedding and average reception.

Honeymoon was camping.

And Reno.

Yes, I said camping and Reno.

"It could only get better from there!" he says.

I must say he's right. For us.

After 15 years we made it to Maui.

Another 15 we will be in the Greek Isles.


He does ground me.

"The tv we want will be cheaper in 3 months!"

He is always right , it is.

But, our computer monitor is slowing going to outsize the tv.

Expectations low, only good can come, right?!

Sounds oddly right.

Words of wisdom?

Or just wise-ass words?

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  1. KT said...

    Sad but true- differences in attitudes towards money were a MASSIVE factor in my marriage not working.
    Should, woulda, coulda listened...

  2. vferrari63 said...

    I think your husband is extremely wise. Especially compared to most people's attitudes about spending today.

  3. Katharina said...

    I'd vote for words of wisdom... :-) especially those about things being less expensive in a few months. The "instant gratification" mindset has caused a lot of unnecessary debt for many families... and in this horrid economy, large debt is something to avoid as much as possible. Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. lewalk said...

    I think he's smart but I'm so used to that way of living and thinking. My dad is the world's biggest tightwad. Hubby is somewhere in the middle. We are a lot like y'all it sounds like though.


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