This Kid Cracks Me Up!

You know how I've always documented my youngest's cute words and sayings?

If not, scroll through the posts labeled K-lish, it's her cute little language, err speech impediments, well...they're super cute.

Now that my girl is less than a month away from her 6th birthday she is still saying THE cutest stuff that puts a smile on my face.

**This morning, she was walking around with a puka shell necklace, you know the ones with the teeny shells, and was putting them up to her ear saying, "ooh, ooh, yep I can hear the ocean.  It sounds little."

**Last night my husband was sacked out on the couch around 8pm per usual (he's a commuter now) and K says, "listen mom, dad's SNORTING!"  Do you mean snoring honey? "oh yah that."

**When watching an upcoming movie trailer involving airplanes/war/bombing she says, "mom, is that about POOL HARPER?!"  Who the what?  "Where we went in Hawaii....pool harper, the sunken boat?"  Ah Pearl Harbor.

**(on a related note) She watched the Ben Affleck movie Pearl Harbor over the holidays with my husband and asked questions incessantly about it!!

**She still says CAH-leats when talking about soccer shoes, which makes DQ laugh.

**Her favorite recent movie is the MUFFETS and wants a MUFFET birthday party.  (Muppets)

**Her favorite song is currently "Forget You" by CeeLo but the Chicken version from the MUFFETS. Bok Bok Bok, bok bok, Bok Bok!

**Something new...well we finally came into the 21st century and bought a Wii for Xmas and well frankly our baby is a sore loser.  She cries if no one lets her win.  I think that's normal. Right?

Just to be clear, at this age My Boy had already been seeing the speech therapist at school, her teacher is not worried in the slightest.

Luckily K just has a cute way about her and is not at risk, in case you were wondering.

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