I Often Dream of an Office Outside My Home

Since having my first child back in the 1900's...I haven't worked outside the home.

It's a blessing.

It's a curse.

I wake up, make lunches, ship the kids off to school and then come home.

Around me I see my bed first and foremost.

My "office" is a desk in our bedroom.

There's just no other place for it in our teensy house.

So my dilemma becomes, bed or desk.

Should I get a few more winks, or should I check my email?

Then I wonder into the living room.

TV.  All to me.

My shows recorded dutifully on my DVR just waiting for me to press play.

TV, a few winks, or write some blog posts?

Then there's the kitchen. Unlimited food, drinks, snacks.

Should I eat, sleep, watch tv, or throw out some travel pitches?

There are so many distractions at home although I'm all alone.

I often wish for a real office.  Outside my home. 

It would drive me a bit more, motivate me a bit more.

It may get me out of my PJ's a bit more.

My hair may get done outside the classic ponytail or tucked into my signature black hat.


Downside about an outside the home office....rent.

On top of our mortgage.

Yeah, probably not going to happen.

But, maybe some day.

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  1. MichelleS said...

    Haha, I totally get where you are coming from. I get "cabin fever" after being a SAHM and yearn for work outside of the home. I think once I got a taste of the "grass" on the other side of the fence I would be thankful that my husband's income is more than enough to take care of us and that I don't NEED to work.

  2. VickieC said...

    oh yes *I agree totally

  3. Shelly Peterson said...

    It's too bad an office outside the home isn't doable,Sounds like an office outside the home would definitely be nice and needed, no distractions. But I kinda like the idea you can choose between the computer and a nap lol :) I hope eventually you can soon work things out and get what outside of home office :)

  4. Amy Orvin said...

    It would be nice, but yes, can be costly!


  5. Molly said...

    I would like NOT to have to work..wish I can stay home with my baby..but I understand where you're coming from. Molly Bussler

  6. Unknown said...

    Im not a mom yet but the funny thing is things always look better on the other side

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