I'll Take 2 New Jobs for Free, Alex!

Did you get my game show humor?

So yeah, I'm that girl who can't say no.

I took on a few new positions in my community for no pay.

I'm really not complaining.

It's really rewarding. 

I know this because people keep telling me it is.

And, I believe everything I hear.

So I work with my younger two kids' PTO.

Mostly because my girlfriends are on the board and it means I get to hang out with them.

I...mean...mostly because it's rewarding for the kids.

No, really.

Well, I think it is, they just don't realize it yet.

So I get to count See's Candy fundraiser money, work in the student store, help with vision/hearing screening, work at the Book Fair, and did I mention hang with my friends?!

I do love it, and at the moment, it's better than working in our OVERCROWDED classrooms that stress me out after my 75 minute stint every other week.

You know I was a teacher back in the day when the ratio was 20-1 in K-3 grades.

Well now it's 34-1 and my kids' poor teachers are frazzled and I honestly think they're saints sent from heaven.

My other non-paying job is for our Little League baseball board.

I'm the League Information Officer.

Sounds super fancy and legit.

So I post info on Facebook and try to keep up with their website.

I can do that.

I think.

One of my PTO friends' hubby is helping me and he's really good at it, so I may pay him off in coffee and golf balls to just do it all because clearly I can't say no, the meetings are long and unfortunately none of my close friends are involved.


Okay seriously,  I appreciate all the work that goes into the school PTO and the Little League boards. Over the years I've reaped the benefits how things have gone so smoothly for my kids and their activities.

I know why.

It's thanks to people like me. 

Who don't get paid.

But, do it for the love of their kids.

 So yeah, it is rewarding. 

Go me!

*lightbulb moment*

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  1. Sandra VanHoey said...

    LOL...I use to be like that and couldn't say No either. Eventually, that will change and you will be able to say no loud and clear. Sounds like you do some great things too...very rewrding...LOL. You're just too funny!
    Sandy VanHoey

  2. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    Yes, yay YOU! Besides, who wants to hang out at home and eat bon bons all day?! ;-)

  3. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    Yes, yay YOU! Besides, sitting at home eating bon bons all day is highly over-rated, right?! ;-)

  4. Unknown said...

    That's great and that's how I am too. Sometimes I wonder why I would put myself through these things, but then you look at your kids and there's your answer!

  5. Anonymous said...

    That's great! So happy for you!!!

  6. VickieC said...

    Ive been there when my kids were younger,I was president of the PTO for a school of 800,,it was a hard unpaid job ,,but im glad I did it,,I was asked again to help with my grandsons school,I politely declined,its a young persons job,I was glad to answer any questions but I dont have the engergy for that job again

  7. slehan said...

    I do a lot of volunteering and find it rewarding. Over the years I've learned to say YES to things that matter and NO when I get overwhelmed.

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