Gotta Dance!!

Dancing Queen had her second dance competition and performed fabulously!! DQ danced with her Misfits Hip Hop team and earned an Elite Gold medal. In the Jazz category, she and the Mini Mites earned a gold medal and also a "special award" of which they only hand out a handful to select teams. Theirs was called the "Girls having Fun" award!! They got called up and were interviewed by the host, asked if they always have fun together, inside and outside dance classes! YES! They announced their names and gave props to their dance studio! That was cool, in our short 1 year and 2 competitions we've been involved, this is something new and unique to the team, they were thrilled! K and My Boy were such troopers all day, being patient and supportive of their eldest sibling. Unfortunately though, the schedule ran an hour ahead of time, so Hubby and the kids were at the park when DQ danced so they it!

I wasn't a dancer in my youth, i'm always in awe of these competitions. Just the performance teams from our studio blow me away with their talent...light on their feet, the grace, the beauty, the power of the tappers hitting the wood floor. These girls are so dedicated to their sport too. DQ dances FIVE days a week at her studio and it's hard work. Right now her life revolves around her dance schedule and her idols are Jessica, Jessalyn, Sarah, and Jen (not me, but i'm sure I come in a close second in the "Jen" category), her most professional, talented, loving, and dear dance teachers. I'm proud to call myself a "Dance Mom."

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  1. Brandii said...

    CONGRATS DQ!!!!!!


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