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Friday Fragments?

Guess what?! My "column" got picked up by the girls at MomDot!! I'll be featuring this ever-so-funny [humor me ladies] Q & A session every Friday.

MomDot is an amazing site filled with tons of weekly contests, featured bloggers and boutiques, entertainment, and overall a spankin' good time!

Feel free to check me out over there and continue to send me your questions, concerns, and issues via email and you might see yours answered at MomDot!

I'm there today, stop by and say HEY! ;)


Darn it McDonald's haven't you memorized my car yet.

The ladies at Java have my coffee ready and right EVERY time I come through the drive-thru.

You see us like once a week.

It's 2 GIRL TOYS, 1 BOY TOY with our Happy Meals.

Not 3 for a boy. Not 3 for a girl. Not 2 boys, 1 girl. Not oops I forgot toys in all boxes.

HOW hard is it?!

It's on the screen I can see, it's on the receipt, it's on the screen you're looking at.

Bloody 'ell!


Call it bragging. I don't care.

My daughter got her mid-quarter grades and she has straight-A's.

Her math grade?

A mere 99.34%.

No thanks to me, that's all her dad.

But, BOOYAH. That girl is on fire!

So proud!


Dear State of CA-

Pass a budget already. We've been waiting for a $900 check from you for 3 months now. Um, we're not rich, and that would cover nearly a house payment. So pick it up over there, dammit!

Signed, the Mom's family


AWWWW! I'm growing up!
blog readability test
My blog read Elementary School for the longest time.

Someone grab me a cap and gown!


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  1. Anonymous said...

    Mine is STILL elementary school! Grrr. I find all of these blogs that have PhDs and I just don't understand.

    I use big words.

    I try to console myself with the fact that I am a former journalist. I was taught to write at a fourth grade level so many people can understand the article.

    Isn't that sad? Most newspapers are written at the level to accommodate the population. Yikes.

  2. tarek alghnam said...

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  3. Meg said...

    Congrats on your column! And your daughter's grades! Seems like you've got more going for you than I do. Including that hot body.

    Hope you don't mind, but I've posted about the Not Quite Hot Enough Calendar and featured your photo and link on my blog.

    Yeah, I'll do anything for some traffic. JK!

    I'm in the calendar, too. But not as hot. And my kids, well, not as smart. ;)

  4. A Crafty Mom said...

    Congrats on the MomDot gig, Jen, I'll be headed over there to check you out!

    Isn't always when you drive away from McDonalds that find the toy is wrong??? Maybe you need to plaster it on your windshield, lol???

  5. Sarah McBride said...

    Sad story: The McDonalds by our house knows our names.
    They also know they dare not put fries on our tray that were older than 3 minutes.
    The manager will actually stop someone from putting fries on our tray dn tell them "wait for the fresh ones".
    Just wait, they will learn.

  6. Brittany said...

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Congrats on the column!

  7. Sue Wilkey said...

    ooohh -hold on- I can't comment yet- I'm rockin' out to My Milkshake..............

    ;;;;OK I'm back (la la la la la...)

    Congrats on your column! I'll pop over there next. Also: I've pinpointed the waterworks moment of "You're Gonna Miss This": When the guy workin' on the water heater sings You're gonna miss this... (quiet) you're gonna want this back... (quiet) you're gonna wish these days...(Right...HERE: ) HADN'T GONE BY SO FAST..... Ugh.

  8. jill jill bo bill said...

    That is so true about McD's. My "hang out is Sonic. I go every day, sometimes more than once and order the.same.thing.every.time. And have I EVER ordered poppers or cheese sticks with that? Does the "I want ___ and that's all" not mean ju that? AAAGH!

    Congrats to that genius girl and for beng promoted on momdot!!

  9. Brooks said...

    OMGosh, McDonalds has the worst problem ever. Why don't they just either stop giving toys all together or only hand out the same friggin' toy? I ahve the same problem just about once a week. All girl toys and please make them the same......the twins will fight! It never works out and they always fight. I hate Mcdonalds!
    I feel better now, thanks!

  10. ParentingPink said...

    Congrats on your new column over at MomDot! Yaaaa! I'll be over there to read it!

    Happy Friday!

  11. Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

    I know what you mean about McDonald's they have messed up our Happy Meal several times causing us to have a Not-So-Happy-Meal...I am sad to admit that there are about 3 employees there that recognize me and can probably tell my voice from the drive thru speaker...Wednesday morning the guy had my food ready at the window that accepts the money.

  12. Anonymous said...

    Brag about your daughter all you want!! It's your blog and you can brag if you want to.

    About McDonalds - you can't really expect better service from someone who makes $6.00 an hour - AS AN ADULT. I choose not to spend my money there...

    Congrats on MomDot!!!!

  13. jen aka mommay said...

    Yea, for some reason they gave me a readability of Genius. I don't know if that's good or bad.

    Good job to your dd on her grades.

    And congrats on the momdot gig...off to check it out! =)

  14. Jo-Jo said...

    Congrats! I am heading over now!

  15. Jo-Jo said...

    I'm back...Thank you for answering my question! I will ask them next time what exactly he is doing. I know a lot of it is because this is new for him...so maybe time will help as well!

  16. Anonymous said...

    oooo i hate when mcdonald's screws up! last week they forgot my meal and i hadda go back and get it! grrrr.

  17. Tami said...

    What is the deal with McDonalds anyway??

    I thought when they came out with that screen they'd be able to get stuff right. Nope. Rarely. Ever. My kids' response to this is: "Well, that's why they work at McDonalds." Ouch!

  18. Anonymous said...

    Haha, the McDaonald's thing made me laugh.

    The math? My kid is good at math and both my husband and I are completely befuddled. Maybe some of my sister's genes got in there.

    Hooray for movin' on up!

  19. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Congrats on your momdot questions...I'll have to check them out!

    Congrats on the report card, too! Love the math grade.

  20. Unknown said...

    Congrats on getting picked up by MomDot! How cool!

    LOL just one of the reasons I barely do McDonalds anymore...dont they know we dont come for the food...we come for the TOYS!

  21. Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

    Love your blog, found it browsing through some others. I'll be back to get some button.

    Congrats on the momdot news.

  22. Rebecca said...

    HOw fabulous your column is over at mom.dot now, not a surprise lady, you are a great blooger/writer!!

    OK off to see you over there. :)

  23. Anonymous said...

    congrats on being featured! that's great!

    there is a reason that those people work at mcdonalds in the first place. getting your order right is kind of a high expectation, doncha think? LOL!

    horray for your daughters straight A's! that is fantastic.

    i wish $900 would cover close to a house payment. things aren't cheap in dirty jerz so that wouldn't even cover 1/2 of mine!

    hmmm... i just graduated from high school. mine now reads "college (undergrad)".

  24. Anonymous said...

    I am on my way to mom dot right now! Congrats on the column you rock girl!

  25. Svr said...

    Hmm, You get some strange comments don't you!

    Congratulations on your new column! WOO HOO!

  26. Anonymous said...

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your Momdot gig.

    You totally deserve it. You seem to know how to share the blog love! Not everybody does.

    Good for you!

  27. Shannon said...

    I don't get the problem with McD's either... I mean, they even ask you if the toy is for a boy or girl... then they still get it wrong! WTF?!?

    Going over to mom.dot to check you out... congrats! :)

  28. Lisa said...

    Congrats on your column!

    I'm with you at Micky-D's...and we have 2 girls. It shouldn't be that hard!

    Grades - what a smart cookie! Scholarships here we come!

  29. Anonymous said...

    Congratulations on your column! I have enjoyed reading your blog! :)

  30. Over Coffee said...

    I just read your post on MomDot; very funny. Congrats on the new gig. (just as an FYI, I am a friend of you SIL)

  31. Unknown said...

    Wind it up girl!
    Yo Lady Yo Lady Yo.
    Life of a Juggernaut

  32. Jenni said...

    Conrats on the momdot.com pick up! That's awesome!

    And is your header a little new? I really like it!

  33. Heather said...

    Congrats on the MomDot gig - you're flourishing so well...I only hope that I can follow once I'm done with work!

    And McD's...just last night Charlie Brown asked me, "When did McDonald's start to suck so bad?" Messier than hell double cheeseburgers and craptastic service....My theory is that they ought to go back to hiring teenagers, at least here that is.

  34. Elle said...

    Those blog reading level things crack me up , I can not figure out how they rate the writing.

    Funny post about McDonalds!

  35. Haasiegirl said...

    Jen, unfortantly we are only an elementary level so we may be holding you back. LOL!


  36. Linda S said...

    So you got picked up! I'm guessing it's been a while since you heard that line?? *wink* Congrats!!

  37. Jenny said...

    Congrats Jen!!! You're blog is awesome... you're awesome... so it's no surprise!!!

  38. LazyCrazyMama said...

    Yay for the mom dot news!!
    Love the McD's bit! :)
    Awesome to have smart kids ;)
    And LOL about the blog reading level! :) I should go see what mine is. I don't think it's all that accurate. I've seen some lousy ones rated as genius! ;)

  39. Tyne said...

    Jr. High? What? I thought you had your freakin' PhD. This whole time I have been coming here for therapy, and you are Jr. High? My blog just scored High School, now that is AWESOME. Took a Dr. Phil Test on Facebook and it said that I was a "vain, self-centered leader" and that most people despise me... Great!

  40. Tyne said...

    Oh, I forgot to tell you how great that is that you are going to do Q&A over at that spot... I can't remember where, but I am going to be a faithful friday guest...

  41. hippos toes said...

    Congrats for the gig at MomDot Jen! That's great. I'll be sure to check it out on Fridays.

  42. Unknown said...

    Going over to check out MOMDOT... Congrats... (better late than never right?)

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