More of a Couch Fry than Potato

Don't get me wrong, we love our outdoor activities.

But as a family, we watch a lot of tv.

What's on tv at our house?

Lots, but thanks to our DVR we can watch when we can.

Things we watch as a family:
The Next Food Network Star
So You Think You Can Dance
Amazing Race

What the kids watch:
Hannah Montana
Wizards of Waverly Place
Little Einsteins
Phineas & Ferb

What Hubby loves:
IceRoad Truckers
Bear Grylls
30 Days
American Chopper
Jesse James is a Dead Man

Hubby and I love to watch together:
Heroes (although I'm totally lost)
The Bachelor/ette (hubby drinks his way through the show)
Desperate Housewives
The Office
30 Rock
Arrested Development (on DVD)

Shows I love:
Friends (I DVR the reruns)
Brothers & Sisters
L.A. Ink

What do you like to watch?!

And, if you don't watch as much tv as we do, that's cool, it's all good.

You're probably a lot thinner than me too. *sigh*


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  1. Martha said...

    We probably watch too much TV too, but since moving, and having NO TV in my bedroom, I watch much less. Most times I let the DVR get the show, and then catch up when I just need down time. Before it was on 24/7 (really since I worked at home) most days, just as background noise. I'm not even as addicted to Big Brother has I have been in the past.

    During the summer I am enjoying - Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, The Closer, Saving Grace and a few others. Oh, and I'm keeping up with only one soap - Young and the Restless. Tara watches TV mostly in her room now, so I'm not sure what she is into, but I think she is moving on from the Disney channel... I know dinner time usually bring The Avatar?

  2. Anonymous said...

    I doubt I am any thinner but I don't watch that much T.V. the major reason is my hubby is wayyyy into hunting and fishing and sports none of which interest me and if it isn't kids shows it is this on so I find other ways to amuse myself I have threatened many times to get another T.V. maybe one day.....

  3. That Janie Girl said...

    I'm an occasional Reba/HG TV/ Run's House/America's Got Talent/American Idol watcher.

    And when I can't sleep?

    Animal Channel.

    Not even kidding.

  4. Mariah said...

    The deadliest catch! I know I'm an odd duck

  5. Unknown said...

    ARMY WIVES on Lifetime. It's addicting. And "The Cleaner" on A&E. I hate to admit that we're still addicted to 24, and have also added "Lie to Me" to our list.

    But other than that? It's the History/Military/Learning type channels that get the most action. Usually it's the guys playing the XBox 360, though.

  6. Unknown said...

    Too funny! I can't believe some of the shows you get your hubs to watch! I love Mystery Diagnosis, and most health related shows. Oh, and Heroes lost my awhile back also.

  7. A Christian Mom said...

    We watch WAY to much TV! I'm a Reality TV junkie. I try to break myself from my addiction, but I break out in cold sweats & I can't handle the withdrawal symptoms, lol.

    The girls watch a lot of PBS & Disney Channel. I should say that the TV is on all the time, but they don't actually vegetate in front of it... like me. They play a lot. I should just turn the TV off. Don't know why I don't.

  8. He & Me + 3 said...

    I watch only one show and that is 24. I will be sad when it goes off the air. We are on break right now, so I surf the net instead of watching.
    Hubs and the kids watch all kids of stuff though.

  9. Unknown said...

    I like to watch pretty much everything on Food Network. And I don't even cook!

  10. Annie said...

    I watch too much TV as well. My bootie prooves it. Well, I've been talking about that region a lot lately= as a matter of fact its what I blogged about today! LOL

  11. SweetPeaSurry said...

    What I'm watching:
    The Closer
    Raising the Bar

    Hell's Kitchen
    Warehouse 13
    Better Off Ted

    So You Think You Can Dance
    Dark Blue

    So You Think You Can Dance
    Burn Notice
    Royal Pains

    The Goode Family

    The Graham Norton Show

    True Blood
    The Next Food Network Star (I'm voting for Melissa and I'm pleased that Debbie is GONE)
    Army Wives
    In Plain Sight

    And this is JUST in the SUMMER!!!

  12. Unknown said...

    I love Army Wives during the summer. I also watch 18 Kids and Counting, What Not to Wear, Say Yes to the Dress. During the winter it's definitely Grey's Anatomy.

    The kids watch iCarly, Drake and Josh, Spongebob

    The only thing my husband and I have watched together are Heroes (but only the first season), The Colbert Report.

    I know there's more. There's usually something each night.

  13. Mrs4444 said...

    I'm positive we watch too much tv. Our list looks a lot like yours :)

  14. Janis said...

    Gosh...I feel like a slacker.

    I DVR "Tori & Dean" and catch up once every two weeks. Other than that I don't get much time.

  15. Courtney said...

    I think i did a post similar to this awhile back I have added more to that list and some of them have been canceled since but i am such a couch potato.

  16. Molly said...

    We watch Ace of Cakes, Dog Whisperer, SYTYCD and Biggest loser together (spouselet and i)...the 14 yr old would rather die than watch TV with us, but he occassionally turns the same thing on in the basement. (Teenagers are so weird!)

    Spouselet watches Ice Road Truckers and Bear and some show about Whale Hunters because he knows a dude who's brother is on it or something...

    I watch ...mmm...not much on a regular basis, I am TOTALLY JAZZED about Glee (starting in september) other than that, nothing.

  17. Patrice said...

    I watch waaayyy to much TV & I am definitely not thin either! lol

  18. kel said... DVR reruns of Friends? Dude. That's awesome.

  19. MamaJoss said...

    Hafta say, not a huge TV person but with you on LOST. I will also sit through full episodes of TMZ -- that show and celebs are so wacked out it cracks me up!

    Yo Gabba Gabba is the current kiddie replay. and replay and replay.

  20. PMKU said...

    I'm going a Thursday Thirteen post on this but I will list a few of my favorites.
    Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List
    So You Think You Can Dance
    Rescue Me
    NYC Prep
    Housewives of (any city)
    Ace of Cakes
    Gene Simmons Family Jewels

  21. Rachel said...

    My son loves Phineas & Ferb! And it's one of the only shows I actually think is ok for him to watch, because the comedy is witty, and the kids are always up to something semi-scientific.

    And there's always a funny song.

    Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I watch it too.

    But I do NOT, no matter what my son tells you, know the words to the entire theme song.


  22. Hey Lady! said...

    I'm happy to see someone likes tv almost as much as I do. I think TV is one of the best inventions ever, when did it become so "uncool" to sit at home and watch tv? Since I watch so much I'll list my current favorites:

    Friday Night Lights
    Being Human
    The Real World/Road Rules Challenge
    The Office

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