Baby Market, Peekool, and Whiskey

While driving to sign K up for preschool, the topic of her cousin came up.

Me-You know cousin L is going to have a baby sister or brother. Auntie J is going to have a baby!

K-They going to buy one?!

Me-Um, no. It will come out of Auntie J's tummy.

K-Oh, that's funny.

Not as funny as you thinking there was a baby market.


While leaving the preschool after registration.

K-Mommy you MEAN!

Me-Why now?

K-Me wanna go to Peekool, you told me!

Me-Honey, you are going, just not today. In a few months.

K-No, you MEAN. Me want to go now.

Me-And I want you to go now, but the teachers said no.

K-They MEAN!

I am mean, blaming the teachers. Saved my ass for a few hours though.


DQ-'Drinking Whiskey out the bottle, never thinkin' 'bout tomorrow...'


DQ-I added that song All Summer Long to my MP3.

Me-Um, I know that's a song on mine, but I suggest you don't repeat that particular line from the song. Whiskey is an alcoholic drink.

DQ-blushing-'We didn't have no internet..but man I never will forget..'

Me-That's part of the song?


Well poor English is better than alcoholic beverages.

I think.


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  1. Anonymous said...

    LOL I like that she didn't even know it was a alcoholic beverage!

  2. Elyse said...

    Being mean already at what strict teachers :) Buy a baby made me laugh :)

  3. Unknown said...

    She sounds like Bo, the day after I took him for his Pre-K interview, he thought he was starting school.

    My 4 yr. old nephew sings lines from Chicken Fried & Toes from Zac Brown Band. My bro thinks it's funny, our mom not so much.

  4. That Janie Girl said...


  5. Martha said...

    Out of the mouths of babes! Too funny, made me laugh out loud. You MEAN, why NOW? Isn't that the truth!


  6. Ranch Girl said...

    Out of the mouths of babes!

  7. Mrs4444 said...

    I've objected to some songs lately, for their sexual content, but then I realized they are really no worse than many we listened to when we were kids. Case in point, "when she begs for my big 10-inch" Aerosmith. There are many more, of course. Maybe I'll write a post about it. will probably attract porn fans...

  8. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Too funny. I would have blamed the teacher, too.

    Scary what the kids actually hear in the music.

  9. Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...


  10. Anonymous said...

    thanks for the weekend chuckle!

  11. Unknown said...

    I love it! Thanks for the laughs--I so needed them today!

  12. said...



  13. He & Me + 3 said...

    Cracking up. why do they always pick the best lines from movies or songs to quote?

  14. jill jill bo bill said...

    LOVE to "hear" what she says. Makes me think her and "Gwayson" should hook up!!!

  15. * said...

    Oh those were too funny! Really kids are the best comedians!

  16. SweetPeaSurry said...

    Mah little nephew is all about singing songs from the radio or from movies. He's usually jumping around playing air guitar too.

    I'm LOVING the Peekool. I used to call it "pretty school" when I was a young lass. he he

    bright blessings!

  17. WeaselMomma said...

    Those were great. Thanks for yet another smile on my face.

  18. Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

    That K, she kills me!

  19. Former Fat Chick said...

    I will never forget my GF 4 year old baby girl walking around singing "That's ma shit, that's ma shit" from the Gwen Stefani song...I almost peed myself, my poor freind looked mortified!

  20. kel said...

    Too funny! Why you gotta be so MEAN?? lol

  21. Clare said...

    so funny! i love that k thinks there is a baby market, can I get one there?? I love that DQ is singing kid rock:)

  22. jo@blog-diggidy said...

    kids say the darndest things, don't they?! ;)

  23. Michelle Krassan said...

    Remember the song 1985 by Bowling for Soup? My 5 year old knows all the words.

    "She was gonna shake her ass, on the hood of Whitesnake's car"

    She sings loudly, with perfect annunciation, while listening to my ipod at the pool.

    Next to our rabbi.

    Fun, fun!

  24. Anonymous said...

    Ha. This made me laugh. I liked the song one.

  25. Michelle said...

    Funny! I have to watch the song lyrics when my kids are around too!

  26. Tasha said...

    Gotta love Kid Rock. He's such an AWESOME example. Just yesterday DH came to me and said "remind me to take Eminem off Jack's iPod..."

    Dude, common sense. DUH. Jack's only five. He needs at least another year before he starts dropping the F bomb. Sheesh.

  27. Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

    That is stinkin hilarious.... I needed a good laugh, thanks.

  28. PMKU said...

    ROFL!!! Don't forget the smoking different things. Geez - that is hilarious.

  29. Merrie said...

    My kids like Gwen's last solo album, The Sweet Escape, and the are often caught singing the opening to Yummy.

    "I'm feeling yummy head to toe.
    Ain't got no patience so let's go."

    Umm...uh...should I be thinking about keeping my ipod to myself for now? LOL

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