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If you haven't visited before, this is kinda like a dictionary of terms from my sweet 3.5-year-old. Yes, she may need speech therapy later, but now, it's all cute stuff. Catch up with the other lessons if you'd like!

SooMommy-The Tsunami-A super spinning ride at the Boardwalk that K claims she'll ride when she's "bidder."

Bidder-bigger-older, taller, much more mature.

Kebbul Cohn-kettle corn-The stuff that is stuck to the carpets in our car, and can still be found in our dryer.

Popfikuhs-potstickers-the yumminess we share at lunchtime, except I have to de-wanton them.

Pupcakes-cupcakes-especially with chalkalet frosting!

Tuhn Yer Hed-turn your head-I admit, each time K says, "WOOK mom, watch me" I often say, yeah uh-huh without looking. Now, I'm ordered to actually turn my head and watch.

Surpup-syrup-The girl needs a gallon for every small bite of waffle or pancake.

The Sun's Up!-the sun's up-wha she likes to shout at me while i'm still sleeping in the morning to let me know sleepy-time is over for her!

FuhLaytuh or TooLaytuh-for later...or later-When she realizes she really can't have something right at the moment, like a cookie in the car when there are none. She'll say, "okay mommy, we'll get a cookie fuhlaytuh (toolaytuh)." Um. Okay.

Cydal-recital-everything has been about dancing and the recital of late.

Venebbuh our home?!-remember our home?-K said this to me in Tahoe, since we stayed in a condo, she wanted to remind me we do have our house back home, and not to forget it.

Doughwa Buhgettyo's-Dora Spaghettio's-it has to be Dora style or else.

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  1. Jennifer said...

    How sweet! We speak Maglish in our house. Love how they have their own language!

  2. Shana Putnam said...

    Oh how sweet I actually teared up!

  3. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    Oh, I love K-lish lessons.

  4. That Janie Girl said...

    I love these...too precious!

  5. Anonymous said...

    hehe love it.. I tried to say them aloud to see if I could figure out what she was saying! Love Pupcakes!

  6. Kim Milius said...

    Great job of spelling those words out -- that's the difficult part sometimes. You know how cute it is, but its hard to describe on paper!

  7. Heather of the EO said...

    Oh how I love this!

    One of my faves from Miles is
    shirdles - shoulders

    Ugh, I hope I never forget that :)

  8. Michelle said...

    Too cute! B always spoke really clear but FiFi was a different story. We called her language Phoenish. On a postive note it completely resolved itself around 5 1/2 just at the end of preschool and before kindergarten. We didn't have to go to speech therapy even though I asked my preschool teacher mom if we should more than once. She kept reassuring me she was OK.

  9. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    So cute...I love the little tastes of K you share with us.

  10. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    So cute...I love the little tastes of K you share with us.

  11. Erin said...

    Oh how cute! I am kind of jealous. Rachel has no isms. She just speaks so well... maybe too well. All her little cutiness... when people try to correct her like, "Her's coming over" to SHE, I tell them be quiet. She won't say it wrong forever and this is all I have. lol Thanks for sharing K with us.

  12. Martha said...

    She's just too cute!

  13. Amanda said...

    How precious!

    Thanks for sharing...
    My 5 year old still has trouble with pretzels....prentzels. It is just adorable to hear that N in there.

  14. Jamie said...

    Oh I love this! Sounds so much like my own "Princess" age 3!

  15. wife.mom.nurse said...

    Could she be any cuter? Of course not! She tips the scale!

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